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The Luxury Floor provides a variety of Brazilian waxing techniques including all-soft wax, all-hard wax, and a combo of hard and soft wax. Highly trained and knowledgeable Wax Queens at The Luxury Floor will evaluate your skin’s needs and devise a treatment to suit you. We invest heavily on training our Queens on the latest skin science waxing techniques. All our Queens are highly skilled and have an incredible passion for what they do and their knowledge is passed on to you.

Wax Queens at The Luxury Floor will be delighted to take the time to advise and describe the technique and process so that you can be confident you are in the best of hands to achieve beautiful smooth skin.

Before waxing

Make sure your hair is at least 5 mm. Usually 2 weeks of growth.
Take Ibuprofen at least 20 minutes before your service, as long as it doesn’t contradict with your doctor’s advice.
Women, schedule your appointment within the first two weeks of your cycle to minimize sensitivity. Pregnancy also increases sensitivity.
Avoid caffeine, alcohol, perfumes, scrubs, and any other irritants on the day of your wax.

Brazilian Wax

“Yes, you are naked in front of a stranger. Yes, they will be applying hot wax to your most sensitive areas. But I promise, it only sounds worse than it actually is, and there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Keep reading for a breakdown of your appointment will go, and for a couple of tips before your appointment.

First, you’ll be asked to disrobe from the waist down. When the service begins, your waxer will apply the wax, let it harden, hold the skin taunt and pull. Want the truth? Some places are definitely going to hurt, while others will go nearly unnoticed. Our staff, however, is trained and skilled at minimizing pain as much as possible, and making your appointment as comfortable as possible.

Now brace yourself for the term “Please turn over now “(or some variation) because for a Brazilian, your waxer will wax the area between your butt cheeks. She’s seen it all; she does this all the time, and I promise, you’ll be the only one in the room with red cheeks (both figuratively and literally!).

After waxing

After your wax, your skin will probably remain red for about 30 minutes. You should avoid tanning and chlorine for 24 hours afterwards, and do not shave between appointments, and your second wax will be more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my hair be before I can have it waxed?
The hair has to be at least 5 mm long.

What’s a Brazilian wax?
With a Brazilian, everything is waxed off, except for a line in front. You can decide yourself how long, wide or thin the line of hair will be. The hair is also waxed off the labia and between the buttocks.

What’s a Hollywood wax?
If you get a Hollywood wax, all hair will be removed. When you’re wearing your bikini, you can be sure that not a single hair can stick out.

What’s a bikini wax?
With a bikini wax, all the hair outside of your bikini briefs is waxed off.

How can I best prepare myself for a wax?
You can prepare yourself by allowing the hair to grow to a minimum of 5 mm. The first time is almost always the most sensitive. Everyone experiences a waxing session differently. If your pain threshold is very low, it might be a good idea to take a paracetamol tablet thirty minutes before the session. This will soften the pain. Don’t book a wax when you are menstruating; the skin is extra sensitive at this time of the month.

What should I expect the first time?
Before we start, we will provide you with a cloth so you can freshen up. Next, our Wax Queen will disinfect the skin and prepare it for the wax. After the wax, our Wax Queen will treat the skin with a soothing product.

When can I return for another treatment?
As soon as the hair has grown to 5 mm you can undergo another treatment.

Will the hair growth become less after waxing?
The hair will grow irregularly. After all, the entire hair is removed. The hair will stay away longer, but it will grow back again. How long it takes to grow back, differs for each individual. The average is 5 to 6 weeks.

How can I continue to treat the skin at home?
We advise you to start using Tendskin to prevent the hair from becoming blocked and growing inwards.