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Hey psssssssst… we have a secret to tell!!! Usually telling secrets would be bad luck, but not this one. Yes, The Luxury Floor has her own PERFECT BROW SECRET.

The what?!

Right, The Perfect Brow Secret: our newly developed eyebrow pencil, inspired by the Microblading technique and Ilham’s love for brows, that will shape your brows perfectly. We’ve designed these pencils in five different colours. You’ll easily give your brows that ‘je ne sais qoui’.

Get a little bit of Luxury Floor on a daily basis. And you will look gorgeous…

The Perfect Brow Secret

the ultimate eyebrow pencil

This eyebrow makeup is based on the microblading technique. You can use The Perfect Brow Secret in three ways to create a beautifully shaped brow:

  • Use the first part to draw outline your brow
  • Use the second part to shadow the eyebrow – like a brow powder
  • The small part (the microblade part) will help you draw tiny hairs between your real hair (check the image!)The Perfect Brow Secret is avaiable in 5 gorgeous, natural colours for only €14,95.
The Perfect Brow Secret | The Luxury Floor | Brow Queen | Since 2017