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In the end, we only regret what we didn’t do.
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Since 2007 The Luxury Floor has maintained a high reputation for Perfect brows and Brazilian wax excellence. Brow Queen Ilham is simply in LOVE with brows. Can you blame her? Nope. Brows have a magical impact on your look. Ilham and her queens have given thousands of women the perfect brow since the doors of the Luxury Floor first opened. The luxury can be yours too!!

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The Perfect brow

We’re OBSESSED with eyebrows. Eyebrows are the most important part of your face. Brows on fleek have never been so easy!

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The Perfect Wax

Hello silky-smooth skin! We love that soft feeling. And so we wax your body, thread your face and magically give you that silky smooth skin.

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The Perfect Brow Secret

The Perfect Brow Secret: our newly developed eyebrow pencil, inspired by the Microblading technique and Ilham’s love for brows, that will shape your brows perfectly.

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