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The Perfect Brow Secret
Brow Pencil


You can achieve salon styled brows at home with The Perfect Brow Secret!
To maintain your brows between salon visits, The Perfect Brow Secret allows you to style and define your brows- keeping those brows beautiful every day!

Want to enhance or transform sparse and shapeless brows? Don’t fear, we’re here to help you raise your brow game! Offering precision and smooth application, everyone’s an expert with our easy to use brow pencils.
Create fuller-looking and more defined eyebrows in a few quick strokes.

Now available in our salon

DMT Beauty Brow Gel


The best brow gel on the market for a lamination-like effect.

DMT Beauty Brow Gel will help you style the brows into desired shape (whether that’s more fluffy, spiky, the laminated look or into a defined, precise shape.

For fluffy brows that are ultra-defined, it’s recommended that you apply it using a backcombing technique, then sweep brows upward before the gel sets for volumized, feathery brows.

Now available in our salon

THUYA Regenerating Cream


THUYA Regenerating Cream or otherwise know as “Magic Cream” seals the results after Brow Lamination application, naturally moisturising, the eyebrows.

Argan oil, also known as liquid gold has quite a few amazing cosmetic properties:

Argan oil hydrates and restores smoothness to the hair.

It is the perfect aftercare for your brows after a brow lamination. Also ideal after a lash lift treatment as well as lash and brow tinting applications.

Warm a small amount of THUYA Regenerating Argan Cream between the pads of your fingers and distribute over the hairs.
Comb the hair with a brush and give the desired shape.

Now available in our salon

Thuya Brow Intensifier


Get perfect eyebrows in an instant with the Brow Intensifier.

Eyebrow growth serum and tinted gel all in one tube.

Thuya Brow Intensifier is one of the most unique and top quality aftercare treatments for the eyebrows.

Thuya Brow Intensifier is not just a tinted gel for the eyebrows, it is also the perfect daily aftercare for laminated or color treated (dyed) eyebrows.

The Brow Intensifier makes eyebrows thicker, stronger and healthier!

It also nourishes, regenerates and promotes new hair growth.

The Curcuma Longa is the main active ingredient that promotes eyebrow hair growth, regenerating and boosting skin health around eyebrows while reducing eyebrow hair loss through breakage.

Its formula with fibers fills the gaps of your eyebrows leaving
your brows looking groomed to perfection all day long.

Thanks to its mascara brush, its application is easy and precise, without stains.

Thuya Brow Intensifier is available in three colors:
Soft for blondes, red hair and light brunettes
Medium for light brunettes and dark brunettes
Dark for dark brunettes and black hair